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Joe Bui

Saint Anthony, MN

Independent Artist & Graphic Designer

Independent Artist & Graphic Designer

Hey, I’m Joe Bui—an independent designer! I launched Epic Upgrades as a passion project early in 2017. It received an overwhelming amount of positive support from the Magic community which pushes me to keep making more and more designs whenever I can.

My passion lies in creating stories out of each piece of artwork I design, stuff that people will really notice, laugh at, and get people talking! Although it’s difficult to cater to everybody’s style, I try my best to stay engaged with the community. That said, if you have a request or an idea based off of one of my own ideas, I’d love to discuss it! Just message me on my Facebook Page or via email @ epicupgradesdesign@gmail.com. Also—if you're interested in a commission in my art style, don't hesitate to reach out =)

Enjoying my work? Share my work with your friends and follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/epicupgrades/ to stay updated =)

Thanks so much for the support and for checking out my work!